When people tell you that fairy tales do not exist, it is because they have never been to Masseria Borgo Ritella. It is an incredible place to imagine and impossible to forget.

Whether it's for your wedding or for your stay in Puglia, I hope you can be part of the history of Masseria Borgo Ritella soon.

Pino Brescia interior designer

The Masseria project was signed by the interior designer Pino Brescia who wanted a luxurious hospitality venue with a Mediterranean charm and contemporary style, with every comfort.

Pino Brescia interior designer

Our story

I am Paola, I have a degree in philosophy, I teach in Puglia, my land that called me after several years spent in Rome.
This return to the origins that I wanted to see around, this beauty and simplicity, this bold white that recalls the alleys of the villages of the Valle d'Itria will be the setting of your best time. When you understand where you are, when you look at the sea from up here, you will feel grateful.